Big Game Fishing in Indonesia

Bali's Extreme Fishing

Did you know that Big Game Fishing Indonesia is becoming the most coveted destination of all Southeast Asia.
After 4 years in Bali we have impressed the world of Big Game Sport Fishing by
the diversity of our prizes and our number of trophy. Fish, jigging, popping and trolling fishing with fish from another world:

– Tuna Dog Tooth
– Trevally GT
– Amberjack
– Grouper
– Marlin
– Swordfish sailboat – Sailfish
– Yellowfin Tuna
– Barracuda
– Wahoo
– Mahi-Mahi … etc.

We offer you magnificent adventure of Big Game Fishing in Indonesia, come and join us for this amazing destination Extreme FISHING BALI:

No need for long speeches,watch our Professional Fishing Team Video
and you will see for yourself.

Our Ethics


Why should you come fishing in Indonesia with our internationally acclaimed X'TREME MONSTER FISHING BALI?

• BECAUSE you will be taught by a French team who will assist you during your fishing onboard. (We speak English, French, Spanish and Indonesian)

• BECAUSE we are at the service of our customers to share the same passion, and have been for over 20 years.

• BECAUSE we will provide you a service of all our professionalism, our experience, and good humor always
In order of priority, a sport fishing trip with our team is set up as soon as the points below are met:

• SECURITY → Good Weather & Revision constant engine and boat

• HAVE A GOOD TIME → The sea is plentiful enough to not be "harmed" – Take your  fish

• SHARE → Our team and I are here to guide and support you throughout your day, or your fishing trip to make this moment unforgettable

• RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT WILDLIFE & FLORA → We must respect the sea, the flora and fauna, and preserve this heritage for our children


Marlin (Trolling) : 397 kg
Giant Trevally (record bali - trolling) : 58 kg
Giant Trevally bluefine (world record - jig) : 14 kg
Hammerhead shark (live bait) : 192 kg
Fox Shark (Jigging) : 136 kg
Wahoo (Trolling) : 41 kg
Cobia (Jigging) : 29 kg
Amberjack (Jigging) : 34 kg
Dogtooth tuna (Jigging) : 84kg
Giant Trevally (Popping) : 49kg


You may become infected with an addiction to fishing..!

Must know

What is better for fishing, a high tide or a low tide? New moon or full moon? Each fisherman has his own theory in this regard but the majorities accept the influence of the moon as a factor to be taken into account.

Apart from the moon, neither do we discover anything new if we state that the dawn and sunset are also moments of great importance for fishing. But in reality this is not always the case. It is not difficult to find a fishing table on the internet or a specialist magazine, and for the most part rarely would we find a consistent and accurate relationship between such points of reference.

So what is the best day for fishing?
The answer is simple: too many factors come into play to be able to provide a reliable theory in this regard.

For example:
• If the temperature of the water is too cold normally the fish will appear lethargic.
• Neither can we enjoy good fishing if the atmospheric pressures showing on our barometer plummet.
Although yes, undoubtedly we have all fished well with a new moon or a full moon, and in the final count perhaps we can deduce that on such days we have obtained the best results.

However, all fishermen are aware of how variable our luck can be. And this is probably one of the disheartening factors for some, although for the true enthusiasts this just encourages us to continue trying. Fishing that is too easy would quickly become boring.

Each new fishing season the fish in our waters diminish. The decade in which we went fishing with our fathers and brought home a bucket full of fish is long gone. Currently, fish are much less plentiful and on occasion we might return home with empty hands. But let's not get too disheartened yet... Suddenly, one day, and without any apparent explanation, the tip of our rod started to twitch time and time again, while fish of all species began to avidly bite, gobbling up practically everything we offered them. After a time, the same way it all began, the activity of the fish vanished completely and the waters returned to their earlier calm.

These periods we have all experienced in our long fishing careers, during which suddenly the activity of fish increases markedly, are called solunar periods and they form the basis of the solunar theory

The solunar theory was initially proposed by the American John Alden Knight in 1926 and has been supported by the systematic analyses of scientists and biologists in subsequent years. It is based on experimental incidents from which it can be deduced that the action of the sun and the moon influences the activity of all living beings in nature. The times of day in which living beings show greater activity are the so-called solunar periods.

We can distinguish two types of solunar periods:
- Major periods: have approximately 2 hours duration although on certain occasions they may exceed 3 hours. They begin the moment of the lunar transit (when the moon is overhead) and the opposing lunar transit (when the moon is under our feet). Normally these are the moments of greatest fish activity during each day. The most fervent supporters of this theory state that there is not one species of sport fish that cannot be found eating during a major Solunar Period.

- Minor periods: are intermediate periods of lesser duration (approximately 1 hour) which coincide with the rising and the setting of the moon. During these periods there is also an increase in fish activity in relation to the rest of the day. The solunar periods appear 4 times every lunar day.

Remember that a lunar day lasts 24 hours and 50 minutes approximately, so normally within the same day (24h) we will find 2 Major Periods and two Minor Periods.
Length  : 13 meters x 2.90 meters
Cabin : 2 Berth cabin
WC  : Private toilet
Engines : 2 new  Yamaha  200 HP - 2 stroke
GPS : Lowrance HDS 8M
Fishfinder : Lowrance HDS 7
Popping : 2 set  Rod Patriot and Reel Daiwa SALTIGA Dogfight Z 6500 H
Jigging : 6 set / 4 set Rods Jigging Master and Reels Shimano over head + 2 set Rods Jigging Master and Reels Daiwa SALTIGA Expedition Z 6500
Trolling : 2 sets  Rods Penn International 140 LBS + reels Shimano Tiagra 80 LBS
Lures : More 500 jigs, 50 poppers, 20 Marlin lures, 12 rapalas…etc

Packages And Rates

Fishing Packages IDR (Rupiah) Euro € USD $
4 hours 6.500.000 450 550
8 hours 11.500.000 750 950
2 Days 22.000.000 1400 1800
3 Days 31.000.000 2000 2600
4 Days 39.000.000 2600 3300
5 Days 46.000.000 3000 3800
5 Days + 8.500.000 / hari 550 / jour 700 / day

Packages includes:
• Private boat
• Pickup-hotel Villa / boat / hotel-Villa
• Fishing gear for high end jigging, popping and trolling, and all the lures, jigs and poppers and accessories (gloves, belts etc..)
• Mineral water, fruit juices and sodas

• Snacks, salty and sweet fruit
• Lunch..

Packages do not includes:
• The cost of repair for damage to boats and motors, as well as fishing equipment, lost  and broken fishing rods and lures, including jigs loss (20 euros each)
• Insurance support, cancellations, baggage, personal liability ... (optional but recommended).

Full day charter between islands is possible.
Basis 4 pax
Extra pax: USD 50
Customized prices for special conditions

Either as seasoned sports fishermen, or as novices, join the crew of Dewi Ocean 2 to share the adrenaline and experience…. GRRRRR